Trivial Christmas Day One

A cheap clipart poster. There are several floating musical notes with a cartoon girl dressed in traditional eastern european garb with long pigtails. She is holding a hymnal and singing. Text above says "Trivial Christmas with James. Sharing the best ridiculous Christmas Songs." There is a small clipped image of the Twisted Sister "A Twisted Christmas" album

I have a part time job hosting trivia shows in local bars and restaurants. I started a couple years ago when I realized I needed some additional income. I actually started with a temp job traveling around and washing dishes at restaurants that needed extra help, but I managed to fall and cut my ear open one night, forcing me to realize that I can’t do the same job I had at 16 when I’m now 41.

So I found the gig hosting bar trivia and I love the job itself. I get annoyed sometimes because I don’t write the questions, but I like throwing in extra details sometimes, I like telling weird jokes that no one laughs at, and most of all I love playing weird music no one else gets. I love that feeling when I put on an obscure cover of a popular song, or a remix of two songs you wouldn’t expect to go together, and at some point several people in the bar look up and have a “what the actual fuck” look on their face.

So in that spirit, I thought it would be fun this year to put together a list of my favorite weird Christmas songs! I’ll put one up everyday with a link to YouTube and some of my thoughts on why I chose the song.

Today’s is a classic. I remember the first time I heard this was several years ago at a buddy’s house, and he wanted to play the entire album, but he wisely chose this track. Honestly, most of the album sounds very much the same, playing various Christmas songs in the style of “We’re not Gonna Take It,” and it gets old if you listen to the whole thing straight through, but this track is where that particular experiment finds the most success, so I’d just add this song to your mix and call it a day. It’s a lot of fun, and definitely gets your Christmas party started with a unique energy

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